Cosmedix Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum

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An anti-ageing serum infused with peptides to tighten and firm and antioxidants to protect against further, preventable ageing from environmental aggressors.


Cosmedix Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum is a necessary daily antioxidant superformula for all skin types, including menopausal/perimenopausal, stressed and slackening skin. Packed with highly active 10 skin specific antioxidants, this peptide serum is ideal for improving appearance of photodamage.


Reservatrol and Polydatin derived from wine, and Blueberry extracts combine with a host of other powerful antioxidants including Spin Trap which converts free radials into vital oxygen. 

Cosmedix Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum benefits:

  • Powerful ten-antioxidant protection
  • Active oxygen botanicals
  • Biopeptides help tighten and firm
  • Assists moisture levels
  • pH 5.45